Recommendations for the cultivation of strawberries varieties "Elvira"

Recommendations for the cultivation of strawberries varieties "Elvira"

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Garden strawberries "Elvira" ("Elvira") refers to large-fruited varieties of early ripening. The species was bred by professional Dutch breeders. The variety is suitable for industrial cultivation and is highly resistant to fungal infections of foliage, root system and berries. Garden strawberries "Elvira" has become one of the favorite and popular varieties not only among European farmers, but also among gardeners in our country.

Grade description

Strawberry garden "Elvira" belongs to the large-fruited category. The plant forms semi-spreading bushes with negligible foliage. The berries are very large, attractive rounded in shape, with an average weight of 40-60 g. The surface of the berries is very beautiful bright red with a pronounced sheen. The berry flesh is red, quite dense, has an unusually sweet and bright strawberry aroma. There is no acid in the taste.

The main advantages of Elvira garden strawberries are increased resistance to damage by various fungal berry diseases, as well as diseases of the root system and leaves. That's why This variety is simply indispensable for cultivation in waterlogged and cold areas, as well as in greenhouse conditions. In addition, the berries perfectly tolerate relatively long transportation and have very good indicators of keeping quality. The average yield reaches 0.5 kg from each bush in one season.

Landing rules

The Dutch Elvira strawberry variety is not picky about the planting site, but a plentiful crop can only be obtained by cultivation on fertile and humus-rich soils. As You can plant seedlings of this strawberry not only in spring, but also in autumn, then the ridges for planting can be prepared throughout the summer period.

When propagating plants on the site, it is very important to choose sockets that are located in close proximity to the uterine bush. Particular attention should be paid to the integrity of the leaves and central bud, and it is also worth examining the plant for damage. High-quality seedlings should include at least four well-formed leaves, and damage and signs of any disease should be completely absent.

The standard planting scheme for strawberry bushes of this variety in greenhouse conditions is 25 x 30 cm. The scheme for planting seedlings on ridges of open ground is as follows: 30 × 30 cm, with row spacing of 25 cm and a distance between strawberry bushes of 40 cm. In regions with high humidity indicators, even very resistant varieties of garden strawberries can be very affected by gray rot, so experts recommend using a single-line planting scheme.

With the strawberry seedling in the hole, carefully spread its root system. The soil should be as humid and warm as possible. The optimal deepening of seedlings involves the location of the central growth point at the same level with the soil surface.

How to grow garden strawberries

Growing recommendations

Strawberry "Elvira" is very responsive to conducting competent and regular care, which consists of the following activities:

  • top dressing should be accompanied by sufficient watering with warm water;
  • as fertilizers, it is recommended to use complex compounds, mullein, bird droppings and green infusions on herbs;
  • regular weeding and loosening to a shallow depth is necessary, which improves air access to the root system and reduces the likelihood of spread of diseases on strawberry planting;

  • at the stage of mass flowering and in the fruiting phase, nitrogen-containing fertilizers cannot be used for top dressing, which contribute to the active development of the green mass of plants and reduce commercial quality, as well as yield;
  • on plants that are intended to be harvested, it is very important to regularly break off all the mustache that is forming, and on mother plants, on the contrary, all peduncles must be removed.

Strawberry "Elvira" is characterized by a long and plentiful berry formation, therefore, harvesting should be carried out regularly.

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Gardeners reviews

As a rule, gardeners speak very positively about strawberries of the garden variety "Elvira". High productivity of the plant is noted. To the good of the variety’s reputation is the fact that high yields can be achieved with standard, minimal care. Many summer residents emphasize the very attractive, marketable appearance of berries.

"Elvira" deservedly refers to the very popular strawberry varieties among consumers. Berries are used for freezing, processing, and are also good in fresh form.

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