Strawberry "Felicia": a new foreign variety

Strawberry "Felicia": a new foreign variety

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Description late strawberry "Felicia" ("Felicia") represents it as a variety of neutral daylight. It was bred in 2010 by Turkish breeders. The variety has not received too high popularity in our country, however, many gardeners successfully grow it in personal plots.

Grade description

Garden strawberries of the Felicia variety form slightly leafy, semi-spreading plants with glossy leaves of dark green color. The flowering is lush and plentiful, with bright burgundy and raspberry flowers, continuous throughout the season. At the same time, there may be berries and bright flowers on the bushes. There are very few whiskers on the plant, and for their rooting it is necessary to use biostimulants that contribute to the formation of a complete root system.

The berries are relatively large, weighing 18-20 g. The flesh is very tender, red, sweet, with the taste of wild strawberries and a very pronounced berry aroma. The yield of strawberries of this variety is relatively high and, subject to agricultural technology, often reaches 1.5-2 kg per plant.

The variety is recommended for cultivation in regions with continental climatic conditions and is distinguished by average winter hardiness. Strawberry "Felicia" is rarely affected by diseases. The variety is perfect for cultivating on balconies, decorating alpine slides, as well as for border decoration and growing in flower beds.

How to plant wild strawberries

Landing rules

Not too demanding strawberries garden varieties "Felicia" should be grown from seedlings according to the main technological requirements and conditions:

  • the site should be fairly flat, well-lit by the sun, without a high location of groundwater;
  • the soil should be fertile, loose, breathable and light; in a loamy soil, it is necessary to add a bucket of peat and dung humus per square meter;
  • the site should be completely cleaned of weeds, soil cultivation under garden strawberries with herbicides is required in dry and calm weather;

  • Soil optimization at the landing site should be carried out in advance and include the introduction of leavening agents, complex fertilizers and organic matter, and all preparatory work should be completed no later than ten days before planting.

You can plant seedlings of strawberries "Felicia" in spring or autumn. The two-line landing method is today considered one of the most convenient. Such planting of strawberries provides for the presence of several tapes with a distance of 60-70 cm. It is advisable to grow strawberries in one place for no more than 3-4 years.

Growing recommendations

Proper organization of care for garden strawberries "Felicia" is necessary to obtain a high level of plant productivity.

  1. After the melting of snow and the onset of the first warm days, it is necessary to conduct a thorough inspection of the strawberry plantation and remove all frozen or diseased plants.
  2. It is very important to carry out a shallow, but thorough loosening of the soil around the strawberry bushes and in the aisles.
  3. After a long and long winter, it is required to feed strawberry bushes with organics in the form of liquid mullein or diluted bird droppings.
  4. The amount of irrigation depends on weather and climate conditions. In dry weather, you need to water garden strawberries at least once a week.
  5. Before the stage of mass flowering, strawberry bushes can be watered by sprinkling, and during flowering and fruiting, warm water is applied only under the root of the plants.
  6. All watering, as well as heavy rainfall should be accompanied by subsequent loosening and mulching of the soil.
  7. In order to prevent depletion of strawberries, mustaches should be removed from fruit-bearing plants throughout the season.

Before the flowering period and immediately after the last harvest, strawberry bushes should be treated from the main diseases and pests with a freshly prepared solution of colloidal sulfur, pharmacy potassium permanganate or copper chloroxide at the rate of 1-2 g of substance per bucket of warm water.

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Gardeners reviews

The late-ripening strawberry called "Felicia" is famous for its unusually tasty and attractive berries. Their flesh is tender and juicy, melting in the mouth. Harvest, according to gardeners, is plentiful from year to year, regardless of weather surprises. Plants are very strong, powerful and healthy, almost never affected by diseases.

How to grow garden strawberries

In addition to abundant fruiting and excellent taste, this strawberry variety is characterized by increased plasticity and the possibility of universal use of the crop.