Features of the cultivation of Belarusian potato "Lasunok"

Features of the cultivation of Belarusian potato "Lasunok"

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Potato "Lasunok" is one of the most popular Belarusian varieties. This variety was included in the State Register of Belarus and the Russian Federation in 1988.

Grade characteristics

Characteristics given to the “Lasunok” potato allow to highly appreciate this variety. Root crops are round-oval, covered with a mesh, yellowish-brown skin. Eyes deep set. The pulp is light yellow. It contains starch 15-22%. The average weight of one root crop varies from 150 to 200 g. Rootness of root crops is satisfactory. The variety does not tolerate temperature failures during storage very well, and at a temperature of + 5-7 ° C germination begins.

Bushes erect, tall. The whisk of flowers is white. Taste and commercial qualities are excellent. Medium-late ripening. The period from seedlings to technical maturity is 110-140 days. Relatively high resistance to potato cancer, high resistance to late blight of tubers, as well as viruses S, M, Y, L. Relatively rarely affected by common scab, rhizoctonia and black leg. The total yield, subject to agricultural technology, is up to 60-62 t / ha.

Planting potatoes

Such Belarusian potato varieties as the Lasunok variety can be quite successfully cultivated in most regions of Russia, including the Northwest regions. In the implementation of the classical technology of planting potatoes, the soil should simply be dug in the autumn period and fertility should be improved with mineral and organic fertilizers.

In order to prevent storm erosion of the soil in some regions of our country, potato plantings should be placed on the most even areas without using slopes of more than 3 ° for cultivation. On heavy clay and loamy soils, with increased soil moisture it is recommended to use ridge cultivation technology. In the arid zone and also if there is sandy loam on the plot, it is preferable to use a smooth planting of potatoes.

Potato of the "Lasunok" variety shows a very high responsiveness to the introduction of high-quality manure, which is the main source of carbon dioxide, as well as macro- and microelements most significant for this vegetable crop. Manure significantly improves the quality of the soil, making it more loose.

Such an event is especially relevant for sites represented by heavy loam. The introduction of manure and other organics under the potato is carried out exclusively in the autumn period.

How to plant potatoes

Care Features

Despite the unpretentiousness, only timely and proper care for potato varieties "Lasunok" contributes to a good yield of this vegetable crop. A set of basic care measures should be based on climatic conditions, soil fertility, and take into account the phase of development of a vegetable crop:

  • If there is a strong contamination of the soil with weeds, then weeding and loosening of the row-spacing should be carried out before the emergence of potato seedlings, but very carefully so as not to damage the sprouts of the vegetable crop.
  • After the potato seedlings have reached a height of 10-12 cm, it is important to carry out the mandatory first hilling, stimulating the appearance of additional stolons on the plant; the optimal indicators of the depth of earthing up potato seedlings on light soils are 13-15 cm, and the earthing up on heavy soil should reach 10-12 cm.

  • In the first days after planting, it is not recommended to irrigate potatoes, since during this period the root system of the plant is formed, and then the main irrigation for the entire growing period should be about three.
  • After the emergence of potato seedlings, it is recommended to fertilize the vegetable culture with good water-soluble nitrogen and potassium fertilizers; it is allowed to feed with mullein or any other nitrogen-containing fertilizer, as well as urea at the first stage of development, and then use foliar highly effective top dressing.

Typically, potato harvesting begins in late August and can be carried out until mid-September. Harvesting on a personal plot can be carried out both manually and with a walk-behind tractor.

We also offer you to read an article that describes the varietal characteristics of the Breeze potato.

Reviews of vegetable growers

It is possible to list all the advantages of the “Lasunok" variety for a long time, but this potato has gained special popularity and demand due to the formation of a high and high-quality crop on all types of soil, as well as its rapid accumulation.

According to reviews of most potato growers, this variety is characterized as a potato with a short resting period of root crops, which implies strict adherence to the temperature regime at the storage stage of the obtained crop. In addition, when cultivating this variety by potato growers, it is recommended to reduce the rate of application of nitrogen-containing fertilizers by about 12%, since too much growth of green mass can be observed.

How to prepare the soil for planting potatoes

Consumer qualities of root vegetables of this type of potato are very high and belong to the culinary type C. Such root vegetables are excellent for the production of crisp, mashed potatoes, starch, frozen fritters of potato and vegetable mixes, side dishes and cooking french fries seasoned with food additives. Variety "Lasunok" has found very wide application in agriculture; it has been grown on an industrial scale for a long time.


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