Potato "Laura": features of the variety

Potato "Laura": features of the variety

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Mid-early Laura potatoes from the German company Europlant Pflanzenzucht GmbH are one of the undoubted leaders in European production and are among the most popular varieties of red-peeled potatoes in the Baltic countries.

Grade characteristics

Potato "Laura" was bred as a highly productive substitute for the variety "Scarlet" and now almost completely replaced it in Europe. The bushes are tall, the leaves are dark green in color, the color of the flower corollas varies from white to pale purple. Root crops of attractive elongated-oval shape, covered with red peel and have superficial eyes. The flesh is pronounced yellow. Starchiness - 16.4%.

The average yield is 5.5-6.5 c / ha. The output of marketable tubers reaches 9%. The level of keeping quality is not less than 90%. The mass of marketable tubers varies from 90 to 150 g. The variety description and its characteristics confirm high resistance to diseases and viral lesions. Taste is excellent. The pulp does not change color after cooking. Potato "Laura" is very convenient for washing and packaging, and is also great for making french fries.

How to process potatoes before planting

Planting potatoes

Preparing potato tubers for planting is one of the most critical stages in the cultivation of this vegetable crop and begins in the first ten days of April:

  • sorting of planting tubers with the removal of all inferior, diseased, deformed and too small;
  • vernalization of potato tubers, that is, their germination in the sun or light for 7-10 days, until high-quality seedlings are formed;
  • processing selected tubers before planting with copper, zinc, boron, molybdenum and manganese-based products, as well as insectofungicidal treatment;
  • treatment of planting stock with gibberalin solution, sodium humate or heteroauxin.

Planting dates can vary, however, it is necessary to plant potatoes when the soil temperature at a depth of 9-10 cm reaches + 7-8 ° C, and too early planting in unheated soil (as well as too late) reduces productivity. It is highly recommended that you do not force potato planting dates.

The methods of planting potatoes are different, but the main ones are represented by smooth and comb methods. In a row, potato tubers should be planted at the rate of 5-6 pieces per meter. Regardless of the chosen planting technology, the soil for planting must be carefully dug up, cleaned of weeds and fertilized using manure or humus. After planting, the site should be leveled with a rake.

Care Features

Potato "Laura" is responsive to quality care. Some modern technologies for planting and growing potatoes can significantly reduce the number of the most time-consuming activities. For example, when growing potatoes under straw mats, soil loosening operations are removed from the care process, and there is no need to carry out hilling of potato bushes.

The care measures for traditional potato growing technology are as follows:

  1. Post-emergence cultivation of the planting site by the continuous harrowing method is carried out after the rows are marked, and the potato tops reach a height of 8-10 cm.In addition, it is very important to keep the potato plantings in a loose and weed-free state throughout the growing season.
  2. In the phase of increased growth of tops, the quality supply of plants with nitrogen components is of utmost importance, and the amount of nitrogen increases from the time of emergence to the flowering stage, and then the degree of assimilation of this component decreases.
  3. Potatoes of this variety are distinguished by average demands on the qualitative composition of the soil and the presence of irrigation measures. In too dry periods, plants need abundant watering.
  4. A vegetable crop such as potato reacts sharply negatively to an insufficient amount of potassium in the soil and needs such fertilizers throughout the growing season; the best potash fertilizer is kalimagnesia, which not only helps to increase productivity, but also significantly improves the quality characteristics of tubers, as well as increases the starch content.
  5. Against late blight planting should be treated several times a season with drugs "Ditan M-45", "Kuproksat" or "Pylon", and against the Colorado potato beetle spraying shows high efficiency Kinmiksom.

As a result of good agricultural technology based on a balanced diet, the high productivity of the variety is stably maintained, and about two dozen tubers are formed in each nest.

Reviews of vegetable growers

Potato "Laura" has a generally high rating and positive reviews. Vegetable growers are attracted by the very beautiful elongated-oval shape of the tubers with a rich yellow color of delicious and fragrant pulp, which does not change during heat treatment. The variety is just perfect for making high-quality french fries. Consumer properties are very high, and potato growers often enough grow this high-quality commercial variety of vegetable crop for the purpose of implementation.

Potato Harvest

The variety is mid-early and ripens perfectly in almost all weather and climatic conditions. According to vegetable growers, the early emergence of seedlings is perfectly complemented by a high dormant period. A very good and long-term storage of the obtained crop was also noted.