Potato "League" - the pride of domestic selection

Potato "League" - the pride of domestic selection

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Potato “Liga” was obtained by the breeding company “Liga” and deservedly belongs to the best early ripening, high-yielding varieties suitable for cultivation in our country. The variety is included in the State Register of Russia, recommended for cultivation on personal plots in the North-West region and zoned in 2007.

Grade description

Bushes are stunted or of medium height, intermediate type, semi-erect. Corollas on the flowers are painted in red-violet color. Leaves can be both medium and large sizes. Root crops of an elongated-oval shape, are covered with a smooth, yellow skin and have rather small eyes. The average weight of the root crop is 114 g. The pulp is light yellow in color, with a starch content of not more than 16.4%, very tasty. Maximum yield 43.1 t / ha.

A potato called "League" has sufficient resistance to the causative agent of potato cancer and the golden potato cyst-forming nematode. In accordance with the data of the All-Russian Research Institute of Phytopathology and as described by the originator, the plant compares favorably with most varieties with a moderate susceptibility to the causative agent of late blight, very common in recent years, and therefore, the use of modern, very strong chemicals is not required to prevent this dangerous potato disease.

Planting potatoes

Potato "League" refers to a few varieties that are not very demanding on the composition of the soil on the landing area. For the cultivation of this variety, you can use any traditional methods of planting potatoes. As a rule, potatoes are planted in an ordinary way according to the scheme of 25x80 cm or 30x80 cm. However, Liga potato tops are not too thick, and prepared tubers can be planted even thicker.

In areas where groundwater is located above 0.5-0.7 m or accumulation of excess moisture in the soil is observed, it is advisable to plant potatoes on pre-prepared ridges. In all other cases, planting material is most often planted in furrows, with the simultaneous smelling of mineral and organic fertilizers.

The optimal area for planting early potato tubers is a rapidly drying place on a personal plot that was not used in the previous year for growing potatoes. The planting depth of prepared potato tubers should be about 6-8 cm, with the expectation of the subsequent reloading of the vegetable crop in the process of taking care measures.

How to plant potatoes

Care Features

Potato "League" is classified as early and planted in May. Quite often, early varieties are frozen as a result of the return of late spring frosts. Care for early potatoes of the Liga variety should begin about ten days after planting the germinated tubers.

If potato seedlings have already appeared and there is a likelihood of defeat by return frosts, the planting should be covered with garden plastic wrap or watered abundantly and apply the method of smoke or hilling of plants with tops.

The standard set of measures for caring for early potato planting is the timely and regular destruction of weeds, removal of soil crust, as well as the creation of the most favorable temperature and humidity conditions necessary for the full growth and development of potatoes.

Good results and a high yield of high-quality tubers are ensured by carrying out triple watering during the growing season. It is important to supplement such irrigation measures with the introduction of high-quality fertilizers. For top dressing, it is desirable to use both organics and mineral complexes, the introduction of which is recommended to alternate.

A very important measure when caring for potatoes is still the timely protection of potato stands from the Colorado potato beetle.

With the observance of agricultural technology, it is possible to obtain crumbly and tasty young potatoes in the early stages.

Reviews of vegetable growers

Experienced potato growers are advised to plant “Liga” potatoes when grown on household plots in the traditional ordinary way according to the 60 × 30 cm pattern, and in the presence of highly fertile soil and small planting material, thicken in rows up to 0.25 m.

Reviews about the yield obtained with this method of growing crops are positive. The tubers are large, salable and with a good level of keeping quality. However, the cultivation of early potato varieties zoned in a particular area remains the best option.

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