Potato Joy: characteristics and features of agricultural technology

Potato Joy: characteristics and features of agricultural technology

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Mid-season, table-setting potatoes "Joy" is included in the State Register of our country for the Volga-Vyatka region and is very much appreciated in commercial production. Originator - Ural Scientific Research Institute of Agricultural Sciences. This variety has good characteristics.

Potato Joy: description and characteristics of the variety

Potato "Joy" is very popular. Plants of medium height, intermediate type, semi-erect. The intensity of the anthocyanin color of the inner side of the corolla is average. The leaves are medium to large, open, deep green. The waviness of the leaf margin is significant. Root crops of red color, oval-rounded, with small eyes. The average weight of the tuber does not exceed 113 g. The flesh of the potato is yellow. Contains starch 13.8-16.8%.

The variety is resistant to defeat by the causative agent of potato cancer, wrinkled and banded mosaic, to curl of the leaves. Almost does not suffer from golden potato cyst-forming nematodes. It has moderate resistance to late blight. The taste and commercial qualities are very good. Marketability of root crops at the level of 83-90%. Tuber shelf life at 95%. The total yield is 257-333 kg / ha.

Planting potatoes

Planting the seed material of the Joy potato should be after a positive air temperature has been established, and the soil in the area to a depth of half a bayonet bayonet will warm up to 10 ° C. When planting, it is necessary to observe all the rules based on the biological characteristics of the vegetable crop:

  • preparation of tubers for planting should begin at least two weeks before planting;
  • the tubers should be medium in size, with a mass of 30 to 80 g, even in shape, without damage and signs of damage by rot or other diseases;
  • after calibration, seedlings should be treated with any disinfectant, and then placed in a warm and bright room for germination;
  • after the length of the shoots reaches 2-3 cm, it is recommended to sprinkle the tubers or treat them by immersion in a solution that stimulates growth and development;

  • optimal conditions for the formation of a high-quality crop can be achieved with deep autumn digging of the soil with the introduction of fertilizers, as well as humus;
  • spring planting of potato tubers is carried out in accordance with the scheme of 60x35 cm, subject to a depth of planting material maximum 10 cm;
  • depending on the type of soil, the height of the groundwater and climatic features in the growing region, you can prefer a smooth planting or planting tubers on ridges.

After planting, for the first time, plants do not need watering, since the moisture accumulated by tubers is sufficient for germination and rooting of the planting material.

How to grow potatoes from eyes

Care Features

Potato varieties "Joy" does not need special care and gives a high yield while observing the traditional cultivation technology:

  1. The key to the proper development and formation of powerful plants is the timely removal of weeds, which not only take a significant part of the nutrients from the soil, but also can obscure potato plantings.
  2. To improve the flow of air into the soil, as well as to make the soil as loose and suitable for the formation of potato tubers as possible, systematic surface cultivations are carried out, as well as several hills of potato bushes during the season.
  3. If the amount of rainfall is insufficient and the soil in the plot is prone to drying out, it is recommended to carry out abundant irrigation measures, especially at the stage of budding and flowering of plants.
  4. With good soil composition, excessive use of fertilizers is not necessary, and organic fertilizing can be carried out only three times for the entire potato growing season.

Despite the fact that a significant part of new and modern potato varieties, including the Otrada variety, has increased immunity and is rarely affected by dangerous potato diseases, at least two sprayings of potato tops with folk remedies harmless to the vegetable crop should be carried out to protect plants.

To accelerate the ripening of the harvest, as well as to obtain tubers with a fully matured peel, which will extend the shelf life and improve keeping quality, you can use the early cutting of potato tops. It is most convenient to mow the tops about ten days before harvesting.

Reviews of vegetable growers about potato Joy

Currently, there are many new and quite noteworthy varieties of potato growers, among which the Otrada potato is not the last. According to vegetable growers, this variety has proven itself in the Central zone of Russia and is successfully cultivated by both summer residents and farmers. Potato growers rate it highly, and the description of the variety is fully consistent with its quality characteristics.

According to the observations of gardeners and consumers, tubers of this variety are practically not small and have a good aligned shape even in conditions of insufficient care. However, you should pay attention to some features of the pulp, which is recommended to fry or boil. This variety is not very suitable for making mashed potatoes.

It is noted that with strict adherence to agricultural technology, damage by diseases and pests is not observed, and the yield remains stably high even at low temperature indicators.

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