Dutch universal potato variety "Sante"

Dutch universal potato variety "Sante"

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Potato "Sante", or "Sante", is included in the State Register of Breeding Achievements over twenty years ago and is approved for use in Russia in the Northern Federal District, North-Western Federal District, Central Federal District, as well as the Volga-Vyatka, Lower Volga, Ural, Western Siberian and Far Eastern regions. The originator of the variety is AGRICO U.A.

Grade description

Potato "Sante" is a mid-early variety that ripens in 80-90 days. Bushes are tall, from erect to semi-erect. The stems are well leafy. Corolla of medium-sized flowers of white color with a slight purple hue. The tubers are oval in shape, with a yellow peel and relatively small eyes. The pulp in the section has a light yellow color and contains no more than 14% starch.

Advantages and disadvantages

The culinary value of "Sante" has long been appreciated by fast-food restaurants. The Dutch variety of potato "Sante" is distinguished by good taste. Its characteristic allows you to appreciate the following positive qualities:

  • high and very friendly productivity;
  • guaranteed nematode resistance;
  • the presence of immunity to late blight of tubers and tops, as well as to the other most common viral lesions;
  • suitability for processing into french fries and chips;
  • great taste and marketability of tubers.

The total yield that the variety gives three months after planting is about 1 kg per bush.

Potato "Sante": germination

Landing rules

Potato varieties "Sante" received special distribution in the Central Federal District. Seed potatoes used during planting must comply with GOST R 53136-2008. Planting of seed material is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the technology for growing this vegetable crop in open ground:

  • The plot for potato varieties "Sante" should have good lighting, and it is best if it is represented by light and fertile, well-ventilated soil.
  • It is necessary to prepare the soil for planting in the fall, when a deep digging of the site is carried out, as well as the introduction of a sufficient amount of fertilizer that will provide sufficient nutrition to the plants throughout the entire growing season.
  • In spring, additional soil preparation is required for planting, including weed removal and loosening of the topsoil. Rows should be arranged from north to south and align them with a stretched cord.
  • Planting is carried out after the soil has warmed to a depth of 10 cm and the temperature of the soil at that depth will be about 8 ° C. In central Russia, planting can be carried out in April-May, following the sowing scheme of 60 x 35 cm when planting potatoes at a depth of sowing 8-10 cm.
  • If the humidity level is too high or the groundwater level is too close, it is recommended to cultivate “Sante” potatoes on ridges or in the ridge method.

A very effective way to increase productivity is the introduction of fertilizers such as humus and ash, directly when planting in the planting holes.

Care Features

Potatoes "Sante" can not be considered very demanding both to the composition of the soil and the ongoing care of plants:

  1. After planting, the surface should be leveled with a rake, and throughout the growing period, weeds must be regularly cleaned from the plantings.
  2. Timely harrowing of plantings helps prevent excessive drying of the soil and helps to destroy weeds, as well as improve air exchange in the soil. Potato harrowing should be about two times for the entire growing period.
  3. Hilling potatoes is one of the main types of inter-row cultivation, but it is effective only if there is a sufficient amount of moisture in the soil.
  4. Irrigation measures carried out at the budding stage or in the flowering phase of potatoes are the most powerful stimulus for the formation of a large number of tubers during the cultivation of the Sante variety.

A very important event is the conduct of treatments to protect against diseases. Against the Colorado potato beetle, you can use the tops to be sprayed with the Taran preparation at a rate of up to 5 liters per 100 square meters or Confidor Extra at a rate of 200-400 liters per hectare. The Sante potato variety is susceptible to rhizoctoniosis, so planting should be treated with Fitosporin-M and Alirin-B.

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How to grow potatoes from seeds

Reviews gardeners

Potato cultivars "Sante" gardeners are considered quite promising and optimally suitable for cultivation on a personal plot. Judging by the reviews of many potato growers and professional agronomists, the variety is most suitable for growing in climatic and weather conditions of the middle lane. This is one of the most popular early varieties, demanded in the conditions of a short summer period. With proper agricultural technology, from each bush you can collect up to 18-20 full-fledged tubers.

The great value of this potato for gardeners is also represented by resistance to late blight.