Potato Mozart: description and advantages of the variety

Potato Mozart: description and advantages of the variety

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Mid-late potato "Mozart" refers to the table varieties. It is recommended for cultivation in the Central, Volga-Vyatka and Central Black Earth regions of Russia. The originator of this promising variety is HZPC Holland. Mozart potatoes can be harvested three and a half months after planting.

Potato Mozart: variety description

Potatoes "Mozart", or Mozart, brought out by Dutch breeders. Bushes from medium to high growth, intermediate type, upright or semi-upright. Corollas of flowers are large, reddish in color with a purple tint. Anthocyanin staining of the inside is strong. The leaves are medium to large, intermediate to open, green. The base of the light germ is pubescent, has a reddish-violet color.

The peel on the oval tubers is smooth or with a slight roughness, red. Eyes are small, superficial. The pulp on the cut is yellow. It contains starch up to 16.9%. The amount of dry matter is 19.4%. Tasting score - 7 points. The mass of the tuber reaches 145 g. The average yield reaches 428 kg / ha, and the maximum yield is 609 kg / ha. Marketability 86-98%. Keeping quality 92%.

Advantages and disadvantages

Potato "Mozart" is in demand in the modern market of seed material, as has a very attractive feature:

  • increased content of glutamine and aspartic amino acids;
  • great taste;
  • medium early tuberization;
  • the yield of tubers is 94.7% of the total crop, high commercial quality;
  • good storage quality;
  • high resistance to heat and drought;
  • the variety is highly resistant to mechanical damage;
  • immunity to the causative agent of potato cancer and golden potato cyst-forming nematode.

It should be noted that resistance to late blight pathogen is average.

How to plant potatoes

Dates and features of landing

Potatoes of the Mozart variety should be planted only in well-heated soil, due to its biological characteristics. When landing, the following activities are carried out:

  1. Soil preparation is carried out in advance, preferably in the autumn period, which allows the maximum destruction of weeds in the process of deep digging and fertilizing in the required dose for plants.
  2. In the spring, tubers are prepared for planting: size calibration and removal of all damaged, damaged and unsuitable for other reasons for planting tubers.
  3. The tubers selected for planting need to be germinated in sunlight and at an optimum temperature regime until powerful, but not too long shoots appear, and then sprinkled with disinfectants and growth stimulants;
  4. In small areas, the method of landing "under the shovel" is used, and for sufficiently large landing areas, a mechanized method of landing should be preferred, adhering to a 70x35 cm pattern.
  5. When tubers are located in the planting holes, it is recommended to carry out local application of wood ash, as well as humus soil, which feed the roots at the first stage of vegetation and allow the planting material to form seedlings as early as possible.
  6. Immediately after planting, it is advisable to level the surface with a rake, slightly deepening the garden tool into the ground.

Care Rules

The variety "Mozart" with proper agricultural technology is able to surprise a very high and high-quality crop of even experienced potato growers. To get high-quality vegetable products and minimize yield losses, It is necessary to follow the main recommendations:

  • The most intensive measures for the care of potato plantings are necessary for this vegetable crop in the initial stage of active vegetation, when mechanical damage to the tops and root system does not have very negative consequences.
  • Potato tops should be spud twice. The first hilling is carried out at a plant height of 20 cm, and the second - when the top of the top is approximately 35 cm. When cultivating potatoes on heavy soils and in conditions of waterlogging, it is advisable to carry out at least two to three maximally deep hills, the last of which must be done before closing potato tops in aisles
  • Two days before harvesting, the aisle should be loosened immediately after removing the potato tops.

Caring for potatoes after planting is simple, but only following the mandatory rules, which include timely watering, weeding, top dressing and preventive spraying, will help to guarantee a good harvest.

Reviews gardeners about potatoes Mozart

Potato "Mozart" is very promising and is a dream variety for many gardeners growing this vegetable crop not only for their own use, but also for the purpose of selling the crop. The pulp of tubers of this variety has excellent taste characteristics, optimal starchiness and is widely used for soups, fried potatoes, etc. Type of digestibility B. The pulp during cleaning and cooking does not darken and does not lose the declared taste.

Watering potatoes

Among other things, Mozart potatoes are characterized by the presence of a large number of positive reviews that the variety has good keeping quality, resistance to heat, and is not subject to mechanical damage.