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Making classic grape chacha at home: recipes

Making classic grape chacha at home: recipes

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For many years, grape chacha is not only a traditional Georgian alcoholic beverage, but also a symbol of longevity, as well as family well-being. Chacha belongs to the class of grape brandy. This legendary and popular drink can not only be purchased in stores, but also made independently, at home.

Drink features

A liquor such as grape chacha is obtained from the pulp of the solid fraction or from the extraction of grapes using fermentation and distillation processes. Currently, such analogs of grape chacha are known as Italian grappa and South Slavic rakia, as well as South American pisco.

You can make chacha both at home in a artisanal way and at distilleries. To date, several recipes are used, the composition of which can vary. In the manufacture of use are subject to substandard and unripe grapes, as well as presses that remain in the process of winemaking.

The main raw materials on the territory of Georgia are grapes of the Rkatsiteli variety, or რქაწითელი. In the manufacture of chacha in Adjara and Abkhazia, the main raw material for the drink is the grapes of the Isabella and Katchitchi varieties, or კაჭიჭი. Most often, double distillation is used, which results in a 70-80-degree drink. The resulting alcohol is diluted to a standard norm and bottled. For some varieties of this alcoholic beverage, aging in special oak barrels is provided.

How to make chacha at home

Drinking Chachi

Highlanders who make grape chacha on their own rank it as drinks that prolong their life and use it exclusively in small portions. When creating such a drink at home, there is a great opportunity to carry out full control of not only the raw materials used, but also the final product.

As a rule, grape chacha is consumed in pure form. But in certain circles, this alcoholic drink became very popular for making a variety of cocktails, in which crushed ice and almost any fruit can be added. In Western Georgia, sweet meals are served as an appetizer for Chach. In Eastern Georgia, the drink is supplemented with homemade pickles. The traditions of Abkhazia suggest the use of chachi as an aperitif.

The technology of making grape chacha at home

This drink has a very delicate grape aroma. The recipe for such an ancient alcoholic beverage is quite simple, so it can be very easily made independently. To do this, you must have a sufficient amount of feedstock and know the basics of manufacturing technology.

Chacha from grapes in the main production processes has a lot in common with Russian moonshine. There are several recipes that allow you to make grape chacha with yeast and sugar, and without using these ingredients. Braga from grapes is the basis for the future chacha.

Main ingredients and equipmentCooking technologyFeatures

10 liters of grape marc,

5 kg of sugar

100 g dry or 0.5 kg pressed yeast,

30 l of pure water, moonshine still,

glass container with a capacity of at least 50 l

Dilute the yeast according to the instructions.

Place grape marc, sugar and diluted yeast in a glass bowl.

Heat water to 25-27 ° C and pour into a container with squeezes.

Stir the resulting composition and, loosely covering with a lid, set the container in a warm place for about two weeks.

Mix the composition every other day.

Acquisition of transparency and sour taste is a sign of the end of fermentation and allows filtering with subsequent distillation

Distillation should be carried out slowly, twice. The resulting distillate must be diluted with water and bottled. To give the drink a rich caramel flavor and a golden color, the distillate can be aged for 6 months. in an oak barrel or insist on oak chocks

Chacha can be made without yeast and sugar, which allows you to get a more noble natural drink with a pronounced taste. If it is not possible to use a press for grapes, then you can do with a device such as a juice cooker, which has a good yield of raw materials.

Main ingredients and equipment

Cooking technologyFeatures

Bunches of grapes or oilcake - 25 kg,

pure water - 50 l, moonshine still,

glass container with a capacity of at least 50 l

Mash unwashed grapes with crests and seeds. Place crushed grapes with juice or meal in a glass bowl. Add water to the container and mix thoroughly.

Install a water seal and place the container in a dark place at a temperature of 24-30 ° C.

A natural yeast-free chacha will be ready in about two months.

After fermentation, filtration and distillation are performed.

As a result of this preparation, all aromatic substances remain in the Braga and in the production get into the distillate

Cleaning rules

It is quite easy to drive out an alcoholic beverage yourself. It’s a little harder to properly clean the chacha at home. The finished drink for cleaning must be diluted to obtain a fortress of 45 °, and then use one of the quite affordable recipes.

Cleaning agentTechnology features
Potassium permanganateAdd potassium permanganate at the rate of 3 g per 3 l of the drink, mix and set in a dark room for a couple of days. Filter the purified drink through a cotton filter
Pine nutsAdd a handful of pine nuts to 1 liter of drink and insist for two weeks, then filter through a cotton filter
Activated carbonWrap activated charcoal in a pharmacy gauze and lower it into a regular funnel. Drink through a filter in a clean container.
Freezing drinkPlace a container with a drink in the freezer for two days, then defrost and pass through a cotton filter

You may also be interested in an article in which we talk about the technology of making homemade wine from grapes.

Tips & Tricks

To get high-quality grape chacha, you should adhere to the following recommendations:

  • it is in the grape seeds, as well as the skin and pulp of the grapes, that contain substances that allow the chach to give an individuality that distinguishes it from ordinary moonshine;
  • when the sugar content of grape juice is at the level of 20%, as a result of processing about 25 kg of berries, it is possible to get no more than 5-6 liters of forty-degree grape chacha. If you add 10 kg of sugar in the manufacturing process while maintaining the quality characteristics of the drink, the yield of finished products increases to 16-17 l;
  • when using Isabella grape, which is cultivated in the northern regions of our country, as a raw material, chacha is made only with sugar, which is due to the very low glucose content and high acidity in such berries;
  • to improve the quality characteristics of grape chacha, it is recommended to perform double distillation by preliminary dilution of the first yield distillate with 50% pure water.

It should be remembered that the classic chacha is made exclusively from grapes and water, and sugar and yeast are not added.

How to make Abkhaz chacha