Potato "Lapot": champion among the varieties

Potato "Lapot": champion among the varieties

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Potato "Lapot" refers to those varieties of folk selection that optimally combine high productivity and absolute unpretentiousness to weather conditions and soil composition. Currently, "Lapot" is grown extremely rarely and is almost completely replaced by more modern varieties.

Grade characteristics

Potato "Lapot", also known as the "Siberian lapot", characterized as high-yielding and resistant to adverse external influences. Its bushes are formed from medium to high in growth strength. Inflorescences are large, lush. Corollas of flowers are painted white.

Potato tubers are flat and oblong, large or very large, covered with a smooth, slightly rough skin of a pale pink color. The characteristic shape, reminiscent of rustic bast shoes, and gave the name to this variety. Potatoes are distinguished by good taste and quality. In the Trans-Baikal Territory, as well as in some northern regions, Lapot is considered one of the best varieties for growing in household plots.

Landing rules

Potato "Lapot" shows a high level of survival on almost all types of soil, but the largest tubers and high yields are fixed when cultivated on light and fertile soils. Before planting, seed material is germinated. For landscaping and germination of tubers, it is enough to place them in a bright room with a temperature regime of + 12 ... +14 ° C.

The variety is quite resistant to diseases and pests, but it is recommended to pre-treat the tubers with the seedling and maxim, which increase yield, increase anti-stress activity and immunity to diseases, and also increase the yield of healthy and largest tubers.

It is recommended to prepare the soil in the fall, and in the spring to carry out loosening and manual selection of weeds. If necessary, remove weeds from the landing area, you can apply a solution of concentrated emulsion "Racer". Soil cultivation with this composition is carried out no later than 3 days before planting. The flow rate of the working fluid is about 200-300 l / ha.

Temperature indicators of soil in the spring are usually not the main limiting factor for planting this variety, in contrast to moisture indicators. Landing can be carried out at soil temperature + 6 ... +8 ° C, and in more northern regions - at + 8 ... +10 ° C.

How to grow potatoes

Variety Care Features

Despite the fact that the description of potato "Lapot" is infrequent, its characteristics allow for traditional care at all stages of the growing season.

  • Against late blight and alternariosis, it is recommended to spray "Shirlan" in the phase of closing rows; then the procedure should be repeated at weekly intervals, at a flow rate of 200-500 l / ha.
  • The greatest increase in yield is observed while using organic and mineral fertilizers for feeding; complex mineral fertilizers for potatoes can be represented by nitroammophos, nitrophos or ammophos.
  • Tubers are perfectly formed without the use of additional irrigation, but the variety responds well to irrigation in the phase of budding and vegetation.

It is impossible to name certain dates for the complete readiness of the crop for harvesting, since the potato ripening time depends on the cultivation region and weather conditions. However, preliminary mowing of tops not only protects the potato from late blight, but also accelerates the ripening of tubers.

Potato growers reviews

Potato "Lapot" has been cultivated in our country for a very long time. During this time, gardeners applied various technologies and methods of cultivation, including innovative and traditional ones. The grade reviews are positive, and even despite the fact that the potato sprouts fall under late spring frosts or hail, this does not harm its further development and productivity.

Planting tubers "Laptya" sprouts down does not have a significant impact on yield growth, but inhibits germination for more than a week.

Due to the fact that the seed material of this variety is not realized by originators, experienced potato growers recommend the use of vegetative propagation. This method guarantees the preservation of all the qualities of the mother plant, but requires constant culling or phytopathological cleaning of tubers. Also, vegetable growers use stem cuttings, which is one of the ways to rejuvenate planting material while maintaining parental qualities.

Despite the fact that the variety "Lapot" is not a breeding achievement of well-known producers, it has many advantages, so potato growers really appreciate it and are in no hurry to part with it.

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