Potato "Colombo": a new variety from Finland

Potato "Colombo": a new variety from Finland

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Finnish potato "Colombo" (Colomba) - a very early, table variety variety - has proven itself in the Russian market and has been praised by domestic gardeners. It is included in the State Register of Russia for the Central, Central Black Earth and North Caucasus regions.

Description of the variety and characteristics of the Colombo potatoes are given by the originator - HZPC Holland, a well-known vegetable company on the world market.

Description of the variety "Colombo"

Potatoes are formed by medium-tall leaf-type bushes. The plant can be both semi-upright and sprawling. The leaves are green, and their size varies from medium to large. Anthocyanin coloration of the inside of flower corollas is absent completely or very weak.

Colombo potato tubers are quite aligned in shape and size. The peel and flesh are yellow. The average mass of marketable tubers can vary from 80 to 125 g. The average starch content in potato pulp is 11-15%. Taste qualities are characterized as good and excellent.

The marketability of tubers is 81-98%, keeping quality is about 95%. The variety is characterized by resistance to the causative agent of potato cancer and the golden potato cyst-forming nematode. According to the official originator, the variety is characterized by average resistance to late blight. The maximum yield is 42.25 t / ha.

Potato: a variety of varieties

Planting Rules

Potato "Colombo" should be planted in a warm, prepared from the fall soil. Before planting, cull deformed, damaged by rot and diseased tubers should be discarded. The average weight of planting tubers should be 50-80 g. Larger tubers must be cut, but each part must have at least three shoots.

Pre-planting treatment of potato tubers with special formulations with the addition of stimulants and means of protection against diseases is necessary. The Finns attach great importance to a crop such as potatoes, and also recommend pre-planting soil preparation.

The Colombo variety is quite demanding on the qualitative characteristics of the soil and needs fertile and light soils with high air permeability. It is also noted that the variety does not tolerate waterlogging, therefore, with a high location of groundwater, it is necessary to give preference to landing on ridges or in the ridge method.

Landing holes are recommended to be located at a distance of 25-30 cm from each other, and the depth of each should be approximately 12-15 cm. At the bottom of the holes, pour a mixture of humus with wood ash. The distance between the rows can vary from 60 to 70 cm, which facilitates the maintenance and provides the plants with sufficient area for nutrition and the formation of tubers.

Features of growing varieties

Potato "Colombo" is one of the super-early varieties that form a good harvest in 55-65 days. That is why it is necessary to ensure thorough care for such a productive variety, which allows cultivating in the southern regions to get two crops in one season.

  • Harrowing spend the first time five days after planting, and then another two to three times before germination and steam after the appearance of potato tops on the surface. Not later than ten days after planting, the first surface loosening of the soil between the rows is carried out in order to remove weeds and improve soil aeration.
  • At least three times per season should be performed hilling potato tops with a hoe or chopper. If there is a threat of planting damage by spring frosts, it is necessary to carry out the earthing up of potato tops “with the head”.
  • The absence of a long period of precipitation requires watering potatoes in the budding and flowering phases. After rain or irrigation, shallow cultivation is carried out to protect the soil from the formation of an airtight crust. Fertilizing is especially important when watering.
  • To protect against pests and diseases can be used as modern andnecticides and fungicides, and folk remedies (for example, dusting tops with ashes).

Potato growers reviews

Potato "Colombo" is great for growing throughout the South-East of Russia. Very high crop yields are also recorded in the Sumy region, which borders Russia. It is in these territories that climatic conditions favorable for cultivation and optimal soil quality are observed.

How to protect potatoes from pests

The characteristics of this variety are not yet well known to Russian potato growers.

Variety "Colombo" is considered to be very early: a month and a half after planting, you can carry out the first digging. Potatoes are quite productive and also resistant to nematodes and late blight, and reviews of gardeners and consumers about the taste of the variety are very flattering.

Unfortunately, potatoes tend to accumulate viral, fungal, and bacterial infections. Also, over time, its productivity may decrease, so it is important to update planting material in a timely manner. Collecting early Colombo potatoes for food is recommended with green tops, when the peel of the tubers is still quite thin and the palatability is excellent.