American Strawberry Variety "Honeoye"

American Strawberry Variety "Honeoye"

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Strawberry variety "Honeoye" was bred by American breeders as a result of crossing varieties "Vibrant" and "Holiday". A characteristic feature of the variety is the presence of high adaptive qualities, which allows you to grow this variety in most European countries.

Grade description

The early ripening Strawberry variety "Honeoye" forms strong-growing plants and has a not too dense upright crown, which greatly facilitates harvesting. High resistance to foliage diseases and resistance to freezing of bushes in winter is noted. When growing this garden strawberry, it is necessary to take into account the presence of a variety of sensitivity to diseases of the root system. Weak resistance to powdery mildew is also noted.

Berries are medium in size, with a slight predisposition to chop. They have a conical shape, characterized by the presence of a cut tip and narrowing in the calyx, which creates a pronounced neck. The surface is intense red or dark red in color, may vary depending on the degree of ripeness of the berry. Coloring is uniform, with pronounced gloss. The pulp of a ripe berry is light red, the aroma is quite bright. Taste is average.

The advantages of the "Honeoye" cultivar include early fruiting, high productivity and friendly ripening of berries. The variety has proven itself in accelerated cultivation in tunnels and on ridges of open ground using low protection. A sufficient density of berries allows a short time to store the crop and transport it over considerable distances. The disadvantages of this garden strawberry include a high susceptibility to diseases of soil origin, as well as the risk of damage to the berries with gray rot.

Strawberry "Honeoye": growing

Landing rules

Strawberries have been grown in one area for at least four years, so before laying the strawberry plantation, you need to carefully prepare the soil. When planting seedlings of garden strawberries of the Honeoye variety in spring or autumn The following conditions must be observed:

  • to reduce the acidity of the soil on the site, it is necessary to liming the soil one year before planting strawberry seedlings;
  • ridges intended for planting garden strawberries in the fall or spring of next year are recommended for use in the current season for cultivating legumes, cabbage, salads, dill or spinach;
  • the soil should be checked when preparing for the strawberry planting for the presence of wireworm or chafer beetle larvae, and if necessary, disinfection measures should be carried out.

For planting this variety of garden strawberries, a standard scheme is used. The highest quality berry is obtained by growing on a film or mulching layer. Do not bury the plants too much when planting. Immediately after planting, strawberries should be abundantly poured with warm water into which you can add funds that promote growth stimulation and rapid rooting.

Growing recommendations

To get a good harvest of high-quality strawberry varieties "Honeoye" for a long time, it is necessary to observe the basic rules for caring for plants:

  • irrigation is carried out with relatively warm water as necessary and depending on the water absorption capacity of the soil on the plantation;
  • after irrigation, fertilizers of chemical or organic origin are applied, at least five times for the entire season;

  • after watering and weeding, it is necessary to carry out shallow loosening of soil around strawberry bushes, as well as between rows;
  • it is necessary to timely carry out preventive spraying of plants with special insect-fungicidal compositions, as well as to timely remove leaves or peduncles affected by diseases and pests.

For the winter period, plants should be fed, sprayed with Bordeaux liquid, and then mulched. When frost occurs, the strawberry plantation should be covered with coniferous spruce branches.

Reviews gardeners

Strawberry "Honeoye" is very much in demand as the earliest dessert variety and is suitable for any type of processing. This is one of the most popular varieties of American selection in the world. It is ideal for cultivation in the non-chernozem zone of Russia.

Varieties of Strawberries

Reviews gardeners about "Honeoy" the best. However, it is noted that due to the insufficient resistance of the variety to certain diseases, a significant number of chemical treatments are necessary. Abundant fruiting of garden strawberries of this variety is observed only in the second year after planting, and until that time, experienced gardeners recommend picking off all the flower stalks. The berries of this strawberry variety are attractive, with a pleasant taste, and therefore are often grown by gardeners for the purpose of sale.