Pear "Favorite": variety description and basic care

Pear "Favorite": variety description and basic care

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Pear "Favorite Klappa" ("Favorite Klappa") refers to the summer varieties that are popular and in demand in home gardening. The characterization and description of the variety was given more than a century ago by T. Clapp, a breeder from the USA, who bred this pear from the seeds of the Forest Beauty variety.

Currently, a pear variety called "Favorite" is considered one of the best summer varieties and is often grown in garden plots and household plots, as well as in industrial complexes and farms.

Grade description

The tree is medium or tall. The crown is sparse, pyramidal in young trees and widely round in adult plants. The main branches are thick, extending from the stem of the tree at a right angle.

The bark on the trunk with weak peeling, on the branches is smooth, grayish-brown. Shoots are straight, thick, dark brown, with a lot of gray lentils. The leaves are oval or ovoid, with a pronounced sharpness at the base, glossy, without pubescence, with a finely serrated edge. Blooming in large double terry white flowers that gather in inflorescences of six or seven pieces.

The fruits are large, have an elongated or oval shape, are covered with a thin, smooth, yellow skin. On the sunny side there is a bright carmine blush. The presence on the skin of many small black dots is characteristic. The pulp of a ripened fruit is white, tender and melting. It is characterized by juiciness, sour-sweet, very pleasant taste.

The period of removable maturity begins in the second decade of August. The shelf life of pears of this variety does not exceed two weeks. With untimely harvesting, fruit shedding is observed. The transportability of the harvest is quite high. Pears can be consumed fresh, and can also be used for preserving and making stewed fruit.

Pear "Clapp's Favorite" refers to the category of self-infertile, therefore, it is recommended to plant nearby pollinators such as Williams or Bere Gifar. The tree begins to bear fruit approximately seven years after planting in a permanent place. The average yield of an adult plant with proper care is at least 34-36 kg.

How to choose the right pear variety

Landing rules

“Favorite Klappa” pear is not too demanding on cultivation conditions, but subject to the technology of planting and cultivation, it is possible to obtain maximum productivity and high-quality fruits.

  • With an average level of soil fertility, about 3-3.5 kg of organics with the addition of 35 g of ammonium nitrate or 15 g of urea should be added annually to each square meter of planting area.
  • High-quality soil for planting pear seedlings should have sufficient friability, which will ensure the optimal air circulation for the root system of fruit trees.
  • In the southern regions of our country, pear seedlings should be planted at one or two years of age. For planting plants in central Russia, seedlings are used whose age exceeds two years.
  • The depth of the standard planting pit for fruit seedlings in areas with clay soils should be approximately 1-1.2 m, and its diameter should not be less than 0.6-0.8 m. When planting on peat soils, smaller pits can be planted.
  • It is imperative to carry out high-quality loosening of the bottom of the planting pit to a depth of about 10-15 centimeters, which will facilitate rooting of the seedling and shorten the period of adaptation of the plant after planting.

If planting pear seedlings is carried out in the spring, then the planting pit should be harvested from the fall. It is necessary to carefully place the seedling in the pit and make sure that the root system is straightened, and the root neck is located about three centimeters above the surface of the soil.

Immediately after planting, seedlings must be watered very abundantly. For each tree you need to spend about three buckets of water. To obtain stable and high yields, further care of plants is of no small importance.

Care Features

The Favorit Klappa pear care package includes watering, pruning, fertilizing, loosening and regular mulching of the topsoil around the trees:

  • it is necessary to water the plants in such a volume that the water penetrates about 75-85 cm into the soil;
  • it is necessary to water pears in the first year after planting about four times per season, spending about a couple of buckets on each young tree;
  • plants should be fertilized a couple of times during the growing season, and nitrogen fertilizing is allowed until about mid-September.

Tree trunks should be free of weeds. In addition, annual shaping and sanitary trimming of plants is carried out, which are important for the formation of a regular and productive crown.

Gardeners reviews

According to many gardeners, the pear of the Ljubimitsa Klappa cultivar compares favorably with most varieties in its absolute low soil requirements. However, long-term observations have shown that the presence of nutritious and light soil in the garden area reduces the waiting time for the crop. Conversely, when grown in areas with heavy or clay soils, the entry period into the fruiting period is delayed.

Rather high winter hardiness and drought resistance make the variety suitable for cultivation in most regions of our country. It is noted that in arid areas, the fruits are largely smaller, and there is also a massive lesion of the tinnitus. It should be remembered that this variety is prone to scab damage.

How to prune a pear

Pear "Favorite" is very popular due to regular and plentiful harvests, highly appreciated by gardeners for their unpretentiousness, excellent taste indicators of fruits and marketable appearance of the crop.