The famous cucumber "Parisian Gherkin"

The famous cucumber "Parisian Gherkin"

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Cucumber "Parisian Gherkin" has been familiar to many gardeners for a long time. It is this early ripe hybrid form from the Poisk company that is in demand in the middle lane of our country and is successfully cultivated both in open and in protected ground. The variety is included in the State Register of the Russian Federation for the Central and Central Black Earth regions and is recommended for cultivation in personal household plots.

Grade description

The high-yielding variety "Parisian Gherkin" refers to bee pollinated, mid-ripe cucumbers, which are intended for use in fresh or canned form. Bushes are vigorous, and cucumber lashes are not too long. The variety is suitable for growing on beds in open ground.

Fruits have a cylindrical or spindle-shaped, coarse-tuberous surface with black pubescence. The length of the fruit varies from 10 and 12 cm. The pulp of ripe fruits without bitterness, juicy, without voids, crispy, moderately dense. The average weight of the fetus is 85 g or more. The output of marketable products reaches 84%.

Advantages and disadvantages

The cucumber variety "Parisian Gherkin" is popular and loved by many gardeners due to its many advantages:

  • high productivity exceeding 360 c / ha;
  • excellent taste of the fruit;
  • early harvest;
  • excellent commercial quality of fruits;
  • drought tolerance of the variety;
  • good transportability;
  • resistance to common diseases such as cladosporiosis and mosaic virus.

Cucumber "Parisian Gherkin": features of the variety

Sowing seeds in open ground

Variety "Parisian Gherkin" shows excellent germination when directly sown in open ground under the following sowing technology:

  • pre-prepared seeds are sown in open ground, which have passed the stages of disinfection, processing in growth stimulants and hardening;
  • seeds should be sown according to a 50x30 cm pattern with a sowing depth of about 3 cm.

Cucumber "Parisian Gherkin" is sown in the following dates:

  • in polycarbonate greenhouses on May 1–9;
  • on ridges under shelter with film or lutrasil May 15–25;
  • on ridges of open ground without the use of covering material on May 20–27.

These dates are approximate and may vary depending on the region of cultivation, as well as weather conditions.

Seedling method of planting

Cucumbers of the "Parisian Gherkin" variety are most often grown using the seedling method, which contributes to an earlier yield. You can get high-quality seedling material subject to some growing rules:

  • For the cultivation of cucumbers seedlings, it is necessary to use only full-bodied and largest seeds;
  • sown in separate containers should be pre-prepared seeds that have passed the stage of disinfection, processing in growth stimulants and hardening;
  • for seedlings suitable containers that have dimensions of 8x8 cm or 10x10 cm, with high-quality drainage holes;
  • seedlings should be filled in three quarters with a fertile soil mixture, which should be loose, nutritious and moderately light;
  • planting cucumber seeds is required in a well-moistened soil, observing a 2-3 cm deepening.

It should be remembered that cucumbers are very fond of warm and well-lit ridges.

Before planting, seedlings must be abundantly watered and planted with a distance of 50-60 cm from each other. To improve the illumination of plants, cucumber seedlings should be planted in a checkerboard pattern.

Care Rules

The main care measures for cucumbers include loosening the soil, weeding the weeds, pinching the shoots, regular watering and top dressing:

  • Watering cucumbers with warm water is preferably carried out mainly in the afternoon, at the stage of foliage formation, the plants should be watered moderately, and at the flowering phase, the water supply is reduced and restored when the fruits are poured.
  • Before fruiting, cucumbers need to be fed twice with an interval of ten days. For top dressing, for each square meter of landings, five liters of water should be added with the addition of 0.5 tbsp. l superphosphate and the same amount of urea and sulfate.
  • Cucumber lashes are recommended to be tied. Mounted on a trellis, they are well ventilated, and the contact of the plant with the soil is reduced.

  • The variety is demanding for daily harvesting of ripened gherkins.
  • Resistance to damage by powdery mildew and downy mildew, or peronosporosis, implies a small number of preventive spraying, which makes the product more environmentally friendly.

Reviews of gardeners

Cucumbers of the famous variety "Parisian Gherkin" are very popular and deserve positive feedback from gardeners. Most often summer residents use seed material of this variety from such well-known manufacturing companies as Golden Garden and SeDeK. The variety is distinguished by very neat leaves and shoots, miniature cucumbers, which, even when overgrown, are still not very large. Cucumbers in the stage of technical maturity reach a length of not more than 10 cm. They are very fragrant, have large pimples, and have an attractive appearance and excellent taste.

How to grow cucumbers

Cucumbers of this variety do not require special care. The rules of cultivation correspond to the technology checked by time and consist in watering and weeding. In especially hot and dry summers, planting a hedge around the perimeter of cucumber plantings gives an excellent result. Most often, gardeners use corn as shading plants.