Cabbage "Megaton f1": variety description and cultivation technology

Cabbage "Megaton f1": variety description and cultivation technology

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Cabbage "Megaton f1" is an exceptionally productive hybrid form of medium-late ripening period from the Dutch selection. The originator of this hybrid form of cabbage is presented by Bejo Zaden.

Description and characteristics of the variety

The characteristics of the variety and its description given by the originator suggest the onset of technical ripeness of heads of cabbage in 135-170 days from the moment of emergence of full shoots. The leaf outlet is large enough, horizontally located or half raised.

The leaves are light green in color, roundish, large, strongly concave, with wavy edges. Wax coating of medium intensity. Heads of cabbage are very beautiful and aligned, rounded, half-covered, light green in color, smooth. Covering leaves with a slight wrinkle and quite clearly visible anthocyanin. The inner poker is short. The average weight of a head of cabbage can vary from 3.25 to 4.15 kg. The density of heads of cabbage is very good or excellent. The taste of the vegetable culture of this popular variety, both fresh and processed, is good and excellent.

Chemical composition:

  • dry matter of at least 7%;
  • the presence of sugars - from 3.8% to 5%;
  • ascorbic acid - 39-43.5 mg per 100 g;
  • protein at a level of from 0.6 to%.

The average marketable yield of white cabbage "Megaton f1" is 580-930 kg / ha. In conditions of high agricultural technology, the maximum yield can reach 1054 c / ha. The hybrid is characterized by medium resistance to damage by keel and gray rot. High resistance to fusarium wilt.

How to plant cabbage

Preparing seeds for planting

In order to get the highest possible yield of white cabbage in a personal or garden plot, you must take care to grow healthy and strong seedlings. Hybrid cabbage "Megaton f1" is characterized by excellent germination. Medium varieties of this vegetable crop are recommended to be sown from the last decade of March to the last days of April.

Plots intended for growing medium and late ripe varieties of white cabbage must undergo additional cultivation with a rake, and Seeds must be carefully processed before planting:

  • warming up for 20 minutes in hot water with a temperature of 50-55 ° C;
  • rinse with cold water for five minutes;
  • keeping for 12 hours in a nutrient solution at the rate of 1 teaspoon of nitrophosphate per 1 liter of warm water;
  • washing and mild drying.

It is very important to carry out pre-sowing hardening of seeds for two days at a temperature of 1-2 ° C. Such an event accelerates germination and increases the cold resistance of the plant. Sowing pattern of 50-60x40 cm with a sowing depth of 1.5-2 cm.

Care Features

White cabbage, like any other vegetable crop, needs regular and competent care. After planting, seedlings of cabbage should be watered every two or three days at the rate of 6-8 liters of water for every 1 m² of planted area. Watering the cabbage is necessary throughout the growing season. To avoid cracking the cabbage, watering should be stopped two to three weeks before harvesting.

It is recommended to feed cabbage 3-4 times a season. Prior to the formation of 8-10 leaves, nitrogen compounds should prevail in top dressing. For the third feeding, you need to use 0.5 l of liquid mullein or 0.5 kg of rotted bird droppings per 10 l of water with the addition of 30 g of superphosphate. The last top dressing should consist of 40 g of potassium sulfate or other potash fertilizer in 10 liters of warm water.

Cabbage is spud when 7-8 well-developed leaves are formed. If a vegetable crop is affected by diseases or pests, it is necessary to spray the plant with such effective agents as "Rovikurt", "Ambush" or Tolkord, diluted at a concentration of 0.1%. It is very important to systematically carry out weeding and shallow loosening of the soil, especially after irrigation and rain.

Cabbage "Megaton F1": hybrid characteristics

Reviews gardeners

Almost all gardeners like cabbage of the Megaton f1 variety. Reviews of summer residents about this vegetable crop are extremely positive. Taste is excellent: cabbage is sweet and absolutely without bitterness. With good care, heads of cabbage weigh more than 10 kg. Always very dense, while the stump is almost completely absent. It is an ideal cabbage for pickling. Very productive, never cracked and perfectly stored until May.