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At what distance from each other to plant tulips

At what distance from each other to plant tulips

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I appeal to tulip growers. At what distance from each other to plant tulips?


I'm also interested, planted in rows as it turned out liquid. and if not difficult tell me when to dig them out and when to plant in the winter ??

dig up at the end of June; planted at the end of September (flax.obl.) ... but I’m not digging up tired) planted in a permanent place ... they bloom normally.

4 years sit in one place and more, and when they “thicken”, you can dig and transplant

Love - the distance is determined simply: if you dig it out, you can plant it tightly (not end-to-end of course, but just leaving a place on the sides of each bulb to form another baby bulb). If you don’t dig out and want the tulips to multiply, then you should plant less often - otherwise where will they multiply?

I plant after 10 cm from each other. They sit in one place for 3-4 years. Then I transplant.

I always plant a “bunch” and it’s beautiful and comfortable, between them and other flowers it’s good. I have flower beds like a cake, everything is planted in layers and according to the flowering time.

Ksenia, I dig every year, so I'm used to it, thanks for the advice. Marina, finally, I was sure that it can be planted like that, very beautiful and you can make any bouquet, especially since I separate them by color and shape.

Tell me please. We bought a cottage, a large flower garden, did not immediately touch it, decided to see what was growing on it. In the spring there were a lot of primroses, then tulips went, but now there’s nothing ... tulips quietly fade ... what can be planted at the end of June, what would the flower garden please again even in the fall?

Gaylardia, rudbeckia, astilbe, coreopsis-bloom in the fall, some to the very frosts.