Agrotechnology potato cultivation "Morning"

Agrotechnology potato cultivation "Morning"

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Mid-season table potatoes "Morning" from the originator VNIIKH them. A. G. Lorch belongs to the varieties demanded by potato growers. The characteristics and description of the "Morning" potato are of interest not only for vegetable growers cultivating this crop in household plots, but also for farms growing and selling vegetable products.

Grade characteristics

The variety is mid-ripening, has a table purpose. The period from seedlings to technical maturity is 90-110 days. The variety is included in the State Register of the Russian Federation for the Central Black Earth Region.

Potato bushes of this variety are of medium height, leaf type, semi-erect. Corollas of flowers are very large. Leaves of medium size, open type, light green color.

Root crops of oval or round shape with a light beige peel and very small eyes. The average weight of one tuber does not exceed 130 g. The pulp is a light yellow hue, contains starch at the level of 15-18.0%. Taste characteristics and commercial qualities are very good. The marketability of the crop is 82-97%. Keeping quality at 95%. The total yield is 200-230 kg / ha.

The variety description states potato resistance to the causative agent of cancer. But the potato "Morning" is susceptible to the golden potato cyst-forming nematode. Sufficient resistance to wrinkled, banded mosaic and leaf curl is observed.

How to grow potatoes

Planting potatoes

Proper planting of potato tubers is one of the most important points affecting the production of high-quality crops. When cultivating the Morning variety, planting is possible in any traditional way, including the most common for vegetable growers: smooth planting, combing planting and planting in trenches. Potatoes are planted in an ordinary way according to the scheme 60 x 35 cm with a planting depth of 10-12 cm. The landing rules are as follows:

  • potato seed tubers should be removed from the storehouse around mid-March and laid in a warm place for germination;
  • potatoes should be grown in areas where this vegetable crop did not grow for about 3-4 years, and the best predecessor for potato plantings in a personal plot is legume-cereal mixtures that are sown after harvesting;
  • during the autumn digging of a site for planting potatoes, about 3-4 kg of manure should be applied per square meter of planting area;

  • on light soils, mineral fertilizers are best applied in the spring during the pre-planting soil treatment;
  • medium and mid-season potato varieties prefer soil temperature indicators when planting at least 8.5 degrees of heat;
  • late plantings suffer from a lack of moisture, and too early planting can cause tubers to freeze.

Having studied the description of general recommendations for planting potatoes and the characteristics of new planting methods, each potato grower will be able to independently compare the effectiveness of various methods and choose the best one for himself.

Care Features

Knowing the characteristics of each variety, caring for potatoes in a personal plot is quite simple:

  • top-dressing of mid-season potatoes is preferably carried out no later than the budding phase or at the very beginning of flowering;
  • various types of nitrogen-containing fertilizers are suitable for potato plantings, with the exception of ammonium chloride, which is characterized by a high content of chlorine harmful to potatoes;
  • it is very important to maintain the soil in the field in a loose state, as well as systematically destroy any weeds;
  • potato bushes can be stopped watered a few weeks before the harvest, which will allow you to get high-quality, tasty and, most importantly, unrootted root crops;
  • if the summer is hot and dry and in the flowering phase of potato bushes the soil dries up 6-8 cm in depth, then the potatoes should be watered abundantly.

Conducting high-quality irrigation during flowering of potatoes is able to provide a significant increase in yield. In addition to watering, top dressing and weeding, plants need several hills per season.

Reviews of vegetable growers

At present, many worthy new potato varieties of different ripening dates have appeared and are successfully cultivated. The Russian variety called "Morning" is well known in our country. It compares favorably with a high level of vitality and endurance. According to the observations of vegetable growers, potatoes easily tolerate inadequate care and yield excellent yields in regions of risky farming. Reviews about the variety are very flattering and characterize the potato "Morning" as promising for home gardening.

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