Potato "Luck": an unusually productive variety

Potato "Luck": an unusually productive variety

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Potato "Luck" refers to the popular varieties that are massively cultivated in our country not only by summer residents and gardeners in household plots, but also by agricultural complexes, as well as large and small farmers. The characteristics and description of the variety allow it to be rated very highly.

Grade characteristics

Potato varieties "Luck" is a very successful result of the fruitful work of domestic agronomists and breeders. Originator varieties - VNIIKH them. A.G. Lorha. Parent plants are represented by the varieties Vilnia and Anoka. The variety is highly regarded for its ecological plasticity and is suitable for cultivation in the Far East, Northwest, Volga-Vyatka, Central, Middle Volga and Central Black Earth regions.

Root crops are covered with a thin and smooth peel. Eyes are small. The skin color is light beige. The mass of the root crop is 110-135 g. The shape is round-oval with a blunt apex. Ripening early. The period from seedlings to technical maturity is 60-70 days. Destination table. Taste and commercial qualities are excellent. The variety is suitable for cooking crisps in the autumn. Marketability reaches 96-100%. The total yield is 7-12 kg / bush.

Bushes of medium height, sprawling, multi-stemmed. The stems are medium in size, the silhouette of the intermediate type. Corolla of flowers of medium size, white. Leaves with large shares, dark green. The resistance of leaves to late blight is 5 points, the resistance of tubers to late blight is 6 points. Resistance to viral diseases is high. Resistance to scab is average. The variety is susceptible to alternariosis.

Potato "Luck": features of the variety

Planting potatoes

A few weeks before planting, you need to start preparing the material. It is practically impossible to determine the exact timing of planting potatoes of the "Luck" variety in different regions. As a rule, in the southern regions, planting garden work begins in April. In the more northern territories, potatoes are planted in the last decade of May.

Landing should be carried out taking into account the main recommendations:

  • the site should be well lit by the sun;
  • rows should be arranged from north to south;
  • the best precursors for potatoes are cabbage and various types of root vegetables;
  • indicators of soil temperature at the time of planting should be at least 10 ° C;
  • the recommended row spacing is about 0.7 m, and the distance between the planting holes can be 20-25 cm;
  • After planting, the site should be leveled with a standard rake without rolling or compacting the soil.

Potato varieties "Luck" is quite demanding on the quality of the soil and prefers loose, well-filled with air soil.

Care Features

Potato "Luck" is characterized by fairly high rates of resistance to some errors in the care. Features of the cultivation of potatoes of this variety are as follows:

  • in the first few days after planting potatoes, the soil should rest from the load, and start taking care measures should be no earlier than ten days;
  • any potato is a plant of a temperate climate, and the highest yield is recorded at a temperature of 17-20 ° C;
  • lowering temperature potato varieties "Luck" tolerates much easier than excessive increase;
  • as a result of severe thickening and under the conditions of darkening of planting by weeds, the potato weakly develops, the stems become pale green and elongated;
  • A particularly large amount of moisture is required for potatoes in the phase of intensive growth and development of tops, as well as in the stages of budding and mass flowering, when potato tubers are actively set and grow.

When cultivating Udacha potatoes, it is necessary to take into account that of the main nutrients, a significant part of the consumption is potassium, less nitrogen is consumed and very little phosphorus. Hilling of potatoes should be completely completed before closing the tops.

Reviews of vegetable growers

The value of the Luck potato is its high yield and marketability, as well as resistance to a complex of diseases and good preservation of the crop throughout the winter period. It is worth remembering that the introduction of a large amount of potassium chloride fertilizers into the soil on planting areas provokes the formation of tubers, prone to darkening of the pulp.

Most potato growers are satisfied with the variety, regardless of the place of purchase of planting material. In previous adverse weather years, many advertised varieties unpleasantly surprised growers with terrible manifestations of tubers. “Luck” turned out to be one of the varieties that showed stable yields and formed the most even and large tubers.

In the conditions of winter storage, the Luck potato shows excellent qualities, fully retains its excellent appearance and brings great profit to companies and farms involved in the sale of this vegetable crop.

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