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Features mid-early peach variety "Collins"

Features mid-early peach variety "Collins"

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"Collins" is a mid-early variety of peach bred by American breeders. It was obtained at the New Jersey Experimental Station as a result of pollination of the Jaser Land variety with complex pollen pollen. The variety is self-fertile and does not need to be planted nearby other peach varieties for the purpose of pollination and fruit formation.

Description and varietal characteristics

Collins peach trees are medium-sized, with a rounded sprawling crown of medium density. The height of the tree is no more than 3-3.5 m. Intensive growth is observed after planting and moderate development after the plant enters the fruiting phase.

The leaves are elongated, characteristic lanceolate, with a narrowed upper part. Foliage staining is dark green with a slight sheen. The flowers are goblet, whitish pink, with a pleasant aroma.

Fruits of medium and large sizes. The average weight of a marketable peach varies from 115 to 155 g. The fruits are round, almost spherical in shape. Ripe peel is pronouncedly velvety and is easily removed from the ripe fruit. It has a bright orange color with a very beautiful raspberry red blurred blush, which is located almost over the entire surface.

The pulp is very fragrant and tender, juicy, has an orange color. The stone is rough, surrounded by reddish flesh. The fruits ripen fully in mid-July. Peaches are characterized by good transportability and can maintain quality and taste characteristics for a week.

Breeders have now bred a large number of peach varieties that are very good at tolerating Russian frosty winters. In winter, planting peaches can easily withstand frosts to -23 ° C. The main threat to the crop are frost in the spring, at the stage of plant awakening. Most often, in peach trees, leaf and flower buds, as well as the root system, are frozen.

How to plant a peach

Features of protection of plantings from frost

Peach trees of the Collins variety do not differ in frost resistance sufficient for most cultivation regions. Often when grown on waterlogged soils, and especially in the lowlands, shoots of young plants are damaged by frost. Preparation of fruit plantations for winter frosts and spring return frosts is necessary in advance.

After harvesting, it is important to warm fruit trees in a timely manner and with the highest quality. To protect the root system of plants from the negative effects of severe frosts, it is necessary to pour a layer of fallen leaves, straw, sawdust or any other mulching material in a radius of a meter around a peach tree and at a height of 25 cm.

Before sheltering, peach trees should be bent to the ground as low as possible. Peach plants should be bent after leaf fall. A bent peach should be tied to a peg driven into the ground.

Old shoots that cannot be bent, as well as accidentally broken or damaged branches, need to be cut and processed with garden varieties. Before sheltering fruit stands, it is recommended to lay funds against rodents, which in winter can severely damage trees.

Cover a fruit crop such as peach can be a variety of materials. The use of garden nonwovens is very good. In areas with snowy winters, plants simply sprinkle with a thick layer of snow. Many gardeners practice burlap plants.

Reviews of Russian gardeners

Reviews gardeners characterize the variety on the positive side. It is noted that the trees have a very beautiful raised rounded crown with average thickening, which greatly facilitates the formation and care.

The peel on the fruits is dense, medium in thickness, so the portability is quite good. The pronounced soft pubescence of fruits makes them very attractive from a market point of view, and is also highly appreciated by consumers. In addition, the fruits have a pleasant harmonious sweet-sour taste with high aroma. Collins peach is used predominantly in fresh form, but is also well suited for the production of jelly, juice and stewed fruit.

How to prune a peach

The minuses of the variety of gardeners include the average indicators of resistance to disease, as well as insufficient frost resistance. However, proper care allows you to get an early, plentiful and high-quality crop.