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How to help if white spots appear on the leaves of the zucchini

How to help if white spots appear on the leaves of the zucchini

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White spots appear on the zucchini on the leaves, how can I help?


It’s such a variety, maybe the photo would

I'll do it the other day. Grade Mary Gold F1

If this is not a variety, then powdery mildew. (1 liter of kefir, 30 drops of iodine, 10 liters of water, spray. Repeat the procedure every 5 days.

Can this solution be stored? and which cultures can still be used for prevention?

Do you have one sort of squash? On others such nn?

Do not store, use on the same day. Apply on cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini, gooseberries, black currants.

Thank you so much

Can you replace kefir with whey?

And I processed 10 drops of green stuff in 10 liters of water. It helped.

Kefir can be replaced with whey and sour milk. The main thing is lactic acid. I make Baikal-5 for myself. He's been with me for the second year now. Very comfortable, only 1 dining room. A spoon in 5 liters of water. I do it like this: 100 grams of Baikal EM-1, vinegar (preferably apple, legs can also be table 9%, vodka - 100 grams, water (preferably without chlorine from under the filter or a well) 600 grams, a pinch of raisins, honey 100g (you can replace with sugar or jam, but not raspberry.) Pour all this into a 1.5 liter bottle, expel all the air, that is, press the bottle until water appears on top of the neck. Close the cork. Put in a dark place, but warm for 7 days. Shake the bottle every day, open the cork and expel the air.All medicine for all fungal diseases is ready.

Very “valuable” turns lek-in! But no matter what you go for your favorite little kids-rastishki! thanks. Irina!